Industry section at the International Film Festival of Panama


Thursday, April 6, 2017


Pituka Ortega Heilbron, Gina Montiel, Primera Mirada’s winner Nelson Carlos de Los Santos and Mayra Hurley.


The jury of the third edition of Primera Mirada, comprised by Alpha Violet’s producer and director Virginie Devesa; Carlos A. Gutiérrez, leader in Latin American films in USA; producer and director - and first edition of Primera Mirada winner himself - Julio Hernández-Cordón, decided to select the winner during the Closing Ceremony at the 6th Edition of IFF Panama.

“We give the seven thousand five hundred dollars (US $7,500) to the Dominican Republic’s Cocote, by director Nelson Carlos de Los Santos, because of it’s unique vision and aesthetics and because we believe it can become a very relevant film for the region.



Fernando Muñoz, Una noche de calypso director.


And we also want to give seven thousand five hundred dollars (US $7,500) to Panama’s Una noche de calypso, by director Fernando Muñoz, because of the potential of the project and it’s support to the musical genre that also has influenced Panama in a political, social and historic way, and can’t be forgotten.”

Cocote will also benefit from an agreement between IFF Panama and Marché du Film de Cannes and will be screened at the next edition of the Cannes Film Festival in May, one of the most prominent film festivals and film markets around the world.

IFF Panama’s Industry Section seeks to support Central American and Caribbean cinema, and this year it received support from Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID). Gina Montiel, Panama’s Representative and BID’s Central America, Mexico and Dominican Republic Manager, handed down the monetary contributions directly to the winners Nelson Carlos de los Santos y Fernando Muñoz, at IFF Panama’s Closing Gala 2017.

Reaktor Post, the post production house based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, decided to award the four Primera Mirada finalists with DCP copies, a very generous donation that was received with immense pleasure by the benefited filmmakers.

Primera Mirada was born in 2015, and its first winner was the Guatemalan film I Promise You Anarchy directed by Julio Hernández-Cordón. It was screened in Cannes and has had an impressive tour in the international festival circuit. The following year, I Promise You Anarchy was screened at IFF Panama, where it was welcomed with great success by the public of the festival. In that initial edition of Primera Mirada, the film The Sound of Things, by Costa Rican director Ariel Escalante, received a special mention. This film has been projected this year at IFF Panama.

In its second edition, Primera Mirada’s winner was Noelí en los países, by Dominican director Laura Amelia Guzmán, who also screened her film Sand Dollars in IFF Panama 2015.



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