IFF Panama and Copa Airlines join forces to support Latin American cinema

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Starting January 2018, millions of travelers will be able to enjoy a curated selection of Latin American films through the IFF Panama Channel aboard Copa Airlines airplanes with in-flight entertainment system. The IFF Panama Channel is a new exhibition space that seeks to showcase the best cinema Latin America has to offer.

“We are excited to materialize this idea that has been discussed for years. The agreement consists of IFF Panama curating the films and Copa Airlines opening the exhibition space on its airplanes," said Pituka Ortega, Executive Director of IFF Panama. 

Ortega adds, “Copa Airlines has been a key partner from the very start, and the idea of putting the best of IFF Panama in their flights has always been an attractive proposal for them. It was just a matter of doing it. The festival is not a film distributor, but it does serve as a facilitator because what we ultimately want is for our region’s films to be seen. In Latin America, there are so many films that are not reaching an audience because of the lack distribution channels. That’s why we celebrate this alliance with Copa Airlines, who have opened their screens so that people have access to this cinema.” 

In this manner, Copa Airlines will become a new and mayor exhibitor of our cinema. The selection of films that will be featured in Copa Airlines’ entertainment system are the best productions that have made their way through the festival since its inception in 2012.

"In all Copa Airlines flights we offer a wide selection of inflight entertainment and now, with the alliance with IFF Panama, our programming will be much richer, offering quality Latin American cinema to passengers from all over the continent," said Marco Ocando, Senior Director of E-business and Marketing of Copa Airlines.

One of IFF Panama’s main objectives has always been to promote Latin American cinema and serve as a platform to enhance its international visibility. This effort also extends to films that are in the stage of post-production through our works-in-progress section Primera Mirada. With Primera Mirada, IFF Panama awards the winning film monetary funds aimed toward the completion of the film as well as a private screening in one of the world’s biggest film markets, Marché du Film de Cannes.

Each year the festival's commitment of supporting Latin American cinema takes a step forward. In its seventh year the commitment is directed towards exhibition, thanks in large part to the agreement with Copa Airlines and their immense potential as a window for our region’s cinema.

"On this occasion, our vision as a company transcends in uniting a continent through Latin American cinema, taking it to the top and bringing it closer to our travelers," added Ocando.

"We hope that the public will respond to this new offer that is available to them. Copa will have, as of now, more than 75 films to choose from. This number will grow every year, naturally. There will be material for many years.” added Pituka Ortega.

Diverse stories both in themes and genres, IFF Panama has selected films from all the countries of the region in order to put together a mosaic of realities that tell us about ourselves. The IFF Panama Channel aboard Copa Airlines will show cinema in which we can see ourselves reflected, not only in the language, but in the stories, the colors and the various flavors of our culture.

The IFF Panama Foundation

The International Film Festival of Panama Foundation (IFF Panama Foundation) is a non-profit organization created to support the International Film Festival of Panama while promoting cultural and educational activities as an integral part of the event. The Festival is supported primarily by the Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias (MICI), the Dirección General de Cine (DICINE), the Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá, among other generous sponsors.

The Festival will take place from April 5th to the 11th, 2018.