A group of Cuban migrants sees their plans to change destiny frustrated. Stranded in Panama City, images of the Cuban Revolution and of the difficult passage through the Darien Gap come to life on their cell phones. 


Original title: La opción Cero

Director: Marcel Beltrán

Country: Cuba, Brazil, Colombia

Year: 2021

Length: 80′

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Type: Documentary

Genre: Documentary, Human Rights, Migration

Rating: B14 – Not suitable for audiences under 14 years old

Director’s Bio: Marcel Beltrán is a São Paulo based artist, film director, editor and producer. He teaches workshops on Archive Appropriation, Hand Processing, 16mm, Super 8 and Narrative Structures at the EICTV in Cuba, and Chavón – The School of Design in Dominican Republic. He has taught film workshops for children and teenagers at La Cinémathèque Française in Paris, DGCine in Dominican Republic and IFF Panama. His filmography includes the shorts La edad (2015), Casa de la Noche (2016), and the features Manos de Padre (2017) and La Música de las Esferas (2018). Option Zero (2020) is his latest feature.



Sunday, December 5th: Copa Airlines Theater, La Manzana de Santa Ana, 1:00 PM.

Special guests: Marcel Beltrán (director)


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