Cebaldo, an indigenous dule from Panama is a fishermen’s assistant in a town of northern Portugal, who suffers from nostalgia.

In his loneliness, memories take him away from his daily routine, and immerse him in a journey back to his village in Guna Yala, where a botanical doctor confronts him with the impossibility of returning to the past.


Original title: PANQUIACO

Director: Ana Elena Tejera

Country: Panama

Year: 2020

Length: 84′

Language: Portuguese, Dulegaya

Subtitles: Spanish

Cast: Cebaldo De León Smith, Fernando Fernández, Comunidad Campo Laurel, Comunidad de Ustupu, Kinyapiler Johnson González, Kandurguilabaler Morales González, Manuel Salvador Pereira Sencadas

Genre: Documentary

Rating: A – Recommended to all audiences

Director’s bio: Ana Elena Tejera was born in Panama. She is a filmmaker and an actress. She is currently an artist in residency at Le Fresnoy. She restored part of the military archive of Panama with the support of the Film Library of Catalunya. She is the creator of Festival de la Memoria, a performance piece with interventions in urban spaces contextualized with political images. Panquiaco (2020), her first feature, premiered in official competition at The International Film Festival Rotterdam; the film was also selected to represent Panama at the Goya Awards.



Saturday, December 4: Copa Airlines Theater, La Manzana. Available in digital – VOD for Central America, 10:30 AM.

Special guests: Ana Elena Tejera (director), María Isabel Burnes (producer),  Fernando Fernández, Domitila de León de Fernández (cast)


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