Rafaela, gang leader from one of Dominican Republic’s most dangerous neighbourhoods seeks revenge against the thug that stole all her loot and left her pregnant.


Original title: Rafaela

Director: Tito Rodríguez

Country: Dominican Republic

Year: 2021

Length: 93′

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Cast: Judith Rodriguez Perez, Manuel Raposo, Esmailyn Morel, Hony Estrella, Gerardo Mercedes, Marissabel Marte, Luinis Olaverria, Diego Yunes, Anderson Mojica


Rating: B15 – Not suitable for audiences under 15 years old

Director’s Bio: Tito Rodríguez graduated from the School of Film, Photography and Television of the University of Santo Domingo. His filmography includes La Familia Reyna (2015), Una Fiesta Inolvidable (2019). Rafaela (2021) is his latest feature.



Saturday, December 4: Copa Airlines Theater, La Manzana de Santa Ana. 9:15 PM. Available in digital – VOD for Central America.

Special guest: Judith Rodríguez.

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