A wealthy man is vacationing with loved ones at a resort in Acapulco, Mexico until he receives a phone call.

There’s been a death in the family, and everyone must return home. However, the man pretends to lose his passport, which delays his return.


Original title: Sundown

Director: Michel Franco

Country: France, Mexico, Sweden

Year: 2021

Length: 82′

Language: English

Subtitles: Spanish

Cast: Tim Roth, Iazua Larios, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Genre: Drama

Rating: B14 – Not suitable for audiences under 14 years old

Director’s Bio: Michel Franco was born in Mexico City. He earned a degree in film direction from the New York Film Academy. His directorial credits include Daniel and Ana (2009), After Lucia (2012), A los ojos (2014), Chronic (2015), April‘s Daughter (2017), New Order (2020). Sundown (2021) is his latest film.



CLOSING SCREENING (simultaneous in 2 rooms)

Copa Airlines Theater, Alianza Francesa Room at La Manzana, Santa Ana

6:00 PM Special Guest: Michel Franco (director), Iazua Iarios (actress)


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