Three teen ballet students — Raymundo, Angel and Victor — are the only boys in a class of twenty. In a country where dance is mostly considered an activity for women, they are determined to follow their dreams and challenge traditional gender roles.

Like a waltz, music played in triple time, the three boys move through Santo Domingo while confronting, yet sometimes abiding by, the Dominican machismo culture.

Original title: Vals de Santo Domingo

Director: Tatiana Fernández Geara

Country: Dominican Republic

Year: 2021

Length: 76′

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Cast: Víctor De Jesús, Angel Pascual, Raymundo Rodríguez Roa

Genre: Documentary

Rating: A – Recommended for all audiences

Director’s Bio: Tatiana Fernández Geara was born in the Dominican Republic. She is a freelance photojournalist. She studied Advertising Communications in Santo Domingo and years later earned a Fulbright scholarship to get her Master’s degree in Photojournalism at the University of Missouri. While a student there, she started a multimedia project about the lives of Dominican nannies that leave their children behind to go care for other people’s kids. This would later become her first feature, motivating her to keep pursuing a career as a documentary filmmaker. She currently works as a director and director of photography for documentary films touching gender and human rights topics, and as a freelance photojournalist for international media outlets. Her filmography includes the documentaries Nana (2015) and Santo Domingo Waltz (2021).



Saturday, December 4: Copa Airlines Theater, La Manzana de Santa Ana, 4:45 PM.

Special guest: Tatiana Fernández Geara


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