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Cinema is Life is Diversity is Panama is Community…

Community is a fundamental and key part of cinema, a medium that for more than a century was appreciated exclusively in “face-to-face” community, to use a pandemic term: more specifically, in the community of a room in which you were both alone and in public, in a dream and in an imitation of life, explored by the cinema itself from the idealizing Singin’ in the Rain and the recently mentioned film in its second version by Douglas Sirk to the brilliant and disturbing Mulholland Drive, not to mention its paleolithic roots, explored by Werner Herzog in Cave of Forgotten Dreams


Now, notice that we mention five films that are wholly or mostly American. The influence of what we call and understand as Hollywood on world cinema is undeniable.

“Hollywood shapes culture and the development of social norms but does not reflect the diversity of our society. Equity and access issues have prevented minorities from telling their stories on Hollywood screens. These problems have limited the dispersion of cultural knowledge and a better acceptance of our diverse world“

Los Angeles YOUTH FILM PROJECT de California, USA

To appropriate cinema as a community
and empower our population
in all its diversity
through it and in it

—even more so now that we have cameras of increasing quality in the simplest mobile device— your Foundation, through its alliance with the IDB LAB is developing a series of programs directly related to that broader community that is Panama.


These include: