Cine es Vida, it is our motto and driving force. And life, like cinema, is creation, movement, restlessness, evolution…

That is why in Panama

-that little wasp belt of the Americas that is synonymous with life and diversity, we decided to create a Festival and a Foundation dedicated to promoting the vital cinematographic wealth of Central America and the Caribbean, written with a “C” for Cinema.

Throughout eleven years of Foundation and ten of Festivals, we have:


Screened films from all the inhabited continents of the planet, with emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean;


eveloped workshops, courses and master classes;


welcomed viewers inside and outside the film industry;


received national and international guests;

and established support and unique projects for Panama and the region, such as the Su Mirada and Primera Mirada funds, the IFF Panama Film Match co-production meeting, and the Cinema in Classrooms, Cinema Sanitas and Humanity in Virtual Reality initiatives.

Join us in
this adventure of
cinema and life.


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