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In addition to being the film festival with the highest attendance in Central America, your Panama International Film Festival is

Do you remember that innocent childhood prank? “1+1= 11”

Alas!, as the Bard loved by Kurosawa Akira-sensei said, here we are: one you, plus one us, together we add our twelfth Festival in this 2024.





See you next year!
3 - 6 april 2025

Like every year, we seek to share with the whole world the cinema of Central America and the Caribbean, written with C de Cine: a phoenix filmography that is born with strength, magic, and freshness from the ashes of history, suffering and the joie de vivre from our region C and C.

As we work in our thirteenth festival, we share with you what IFF Panama has achieved in these twelve years:

Become the main film festival in the C and C region, located in this “strait from the North Sea to the South Sea”, in the words of Carlos I to Hernán Cortés.
Position Panama as a cinematographic hub in Central America and the Caribbean, and by extension in all Latin America, strengthening our industry and audiences.
Strengthen the national identity —or why not, national identities— and the sense of belonging of our great little isthmus in the shape of a dashed bird.
Establish a vibrant meeting point for audiences, critics, and the film industry, facilitating dialogue about film in and from the region.
Position Panama as a tourist destination and location for international filming, generating income and providing professional experience for our population.
Promote the arts, cultures, and creative economies of the isthmus through concrete and complex projects, with a multiplier effect on its entire population.

Let's take a closer look at the elements that make up your Festival.

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