Female Empowerment in Cinema: Winners of Su Mirada Fund Celebrated by the IWF on the twelfth edition of the IFF Panama 2024.

The IFF Panama Foundation (FIP) that organizes the Panama International Film Festival (IFF Panama) is proud to announce the recognition of the winners of the Su Mirada Fund at an exciting luncheon organized by the International Women’s Forum (IWF). This event had the notable presence of international guests who participated in the film festival presenting their films and representing the international press.

The International Women’s Forum, launched in New York City in 1974, emerged at a crucial time when the first generation of women leaders was breaking barriers in diverse professional sectors, from finance to fine arts. The founders of the Forum lacked access to “the older men’s network,” so a new network of women was born to provide professional and personal support, foster the success of each member, and inspire the women who would follow them.


In a world where support between women is more important than ever, the International Women’s Forum continues to be a beacon of female empowerment and inclusive leadership. In this context, the recognition of the winners of the Su Mirada Fund within the framework of the IFF Panama is a significant step towards the promotion of diversity and gender equality in the film industry.



The IFF Panama would like to express its most sincere gratitude to the members of the International Women’s Forum Panama for their support and dedication to making this very special event possible. Their commitment to promoting gender equality in all areas is an inspiring example for the entire film community in Panama and the region.


The winners of the Su Mirada Fund are: Pilar Moreno, who won the award in the Development Category with her project “La Chica Destellante and other protests”, and Ana Endara, winner in the Post-production Category with her project “Querido Trópico” . Their works stand out for their creativity, originality and commitment to telling stories that resonate with a global audience.



The Panama International Film Festival is proud to collaborate with the International Women’s Forum to recognize and celebrate female talent in the film industry.

Congratulations to the winners and may they continue to inspire through their works!